Color lovers, your day is about to be MADE! Instagram indie brand The Crayon Case Cosmetics has fans obsessed with its school supply aesthetic.

The new star of its playful, bright show is the recently released Box of Crayons palette ($30, The Crayon Case Cosmetics).

This gorgeous palette ($30) has 18 shades in a lovely mix of brights, neutrals and pastels!

I’m also digging the palette’s packaging, which purposefully reminds me of the Crayola Box I owned all through elementary school.

Freaking gorgeous.

The Crayon Case Cosmetics is a Black-owned brand, so it’s no surprise the shadows in this palette ($30, Crayon Case Cosmetics) show this beautifully on deeper skin tones.

Hooray for *everyone* feeling welcome to the pigment party!

The Eye Glue Stick ($10, The Crayon Case Cosmetics) is an eyeshadow primer in an adorable design that looks like Elmer’s Glue.
And beauty class is in session with this colored pencil case ($10)… that’s full of multipurpose makeup pencils.