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New Orleans native Supa Cent was filled with tears of joy on Monday morning after making a million dollars in less than two hours.

Supa started off doing hilarious videos on the popular social platform “The Vine” in 2013 and she instantly became a viral sensation. She later started her own cosmetic business “The Crayon Case” in 2017 which is an eye-shadow palette of bold colors that resembles a box of crayons. The social media sensation has since taken the beauty community by storm.

The Black-owned cosmetics mogul hosted a Cyber Monday sale on Nov. 26 and by 10:13 a.m. that morning, she received over 10k orders. Minutes later, she grossed $1 million of revenue in just over an hour. She took to Instagram to record the experience and broke down in tears of joy.

“Million Dollar Day in a hour in a half😢. GOD THANK YOU‼️,” Supa wrote. “A b**ch busted tables and cleaned hotel rooms. Don’t tell me it’s not possible 😢♥️🙌🏾🖍💯.”

Fans applauded the New Orleans native on her much deserved success.

“Congratulations. I followed you since your storytime days and you deserve this! ❤️.”

“You are an inspiration! Congrats queen👏🏽!”

“you’re a true inspiration. You’re proof that if you wisely invest the money from your regular job into a business venture you’re passion about, you can become your own boss and a millionaire. I love your glow up ❤️!”

“Definition of making something from absolutely nothing !! Congratulations Queen ❤️🙌🏾.”

“When I grow up I wanna be like you Queen👸🏽😘.”

Many people don’t know, but Supa Cent worked as a waitress and housekeeper for years before cashing in on her passion. However, she stepped out on faith and turned her passion into money.

“Don’t hate on yourself,” Supa told WDSU during an interview in June. “Along your journey, many people are going to tell you what you can’t do and what you shouldn’t do. Don’t be that person to yourself.”

Talk about money moves. Cosmetics mogul Raynell “SupaCent” Steward is proof positive that small Black-owned beauty businesses are poised to take over the industry.

The founder and CEO of The Crayon Case Cosmetics cleared $1M in sales in just 90 minutes during her epic Cyber Monday sale. At 10:13 CST, just 13 minutes into the sale’s launch she had cleared 10K orders.

By 11:41 CST, the New Orleans-native had posted a humble and inspiring IG video of her in tears after clocking a million dollar day in less than two hours. This record-breaking day (if not, it should be) comes less than two years after launching her viral brand of crayon-inspired makeup palettes and other nostalgic offerings.

Her palette launches, including fun crayon and school girl-inspired packaging, have been known to sell out in minutes, so selling out was not unexpected. But to push such high volume with quality product and rave reviews is to be commended.

She has definitely come a long way from her hilarious (and NSFW) #StoryTimeWithSupa videos that had us cracking up.

Congratulations sis! Keep doing your thing!

Some may know Wuzzam Supa aka Supa Cent from her hilarious and viral social media videos. Others may know her as the former waitress-turned-founder and CEO of the equally-viral cosmetics brand, The Crayon Case, whose “Box of Crayons” eyeshadow palette took the beauty community by storm.

Now, you can know her as Reynell Steward, the $1 million woman.

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The proud New Orleans native saw her brand gross $1 million in revenue within an hour during its Cyber Monday sale, showing just how powerful her brand really is and how much customers love what she has to offer.

Having launched her business in 2017—and later bringing her story to the 2018 ESSENCE Festival stage—this feat is surely a sweet one for Steward, as her journey thus far has certainly came with its challenges. One of the first product offerings from the brand was the eyeshadow palette, Box of Crayons, which includes an assortment of colors and pigments that bring nostalgic memories of playing with crayons and bold colors. After the palette went viral on social media, Crayola released their own makeup line, clearly profiting off of Steward’s success without giving her any credit.

Still, Steward’s product proved to only be nostalgic, but the quality of her goods spoke for themselves. The item has since has become such a hot commodity among fans that it has sold out several times, requiring several restocks.

It’s no wonder that fans of the brand and those wanting to try it for the first time took advantage of the Cyber Monday sale, which offered shoppers a whopping 60% off.

Aside from the viral Box of Crayons palette, The Crayon Case has quite an expansive line including highlighters, palettes, lip and eye pencils, other eyeshadow palettes, and lipsticks.

Congratulations to Supa Cent and we look forward to seeing even more much-deserved success for her fabulous brand! You can shop The Crayon Case products via TheCrayonCase.com

Viral social media influencer and founder/CEO of The Crayon Case Cosmetics, Reynell Steward, a.k.a. “Supa Cent,” sent the internet into a frenzy after dropping the prices of her viral cosmetic brand just in time for Cyber Monday.

So much so that she made a whopping $1 million in 90 minutes!

“My goal was to make at least a million for the entire weekend. Never would imagined to make it in 90 minutes. It felt like a slot machine that never stopped running,” Raynell shared in a statement to WDSU6.

Using her love for beauty and the large social media following she gained from doing makeup tutorials, the New Orleans native launched her business in 2017 and clearly, it’s a huge success with a growing makeup line filled with brightly colored highlighters, palettes, lip, eye pencils, eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks made with WOC in mind!

Best known for her highly pigmented “Box of Crayons” eyeshadow palette, which was designed for beginning makeup lovers, Supa Cent is winning even though Crayola later released their own makeup line without giving Supa Cent any credit.

“I am just a normal girl from New Orleans who has a public sense of humor. Which got me to where I am today,” Supa Cent revealed in an interview with RollingOut. “When I started doing videos, they were so raw and unapologetic — people related to it! I didn’t care how people reacted to them! I just was venting, and they felt where I was coming from.”

Grossing $1 million in revenue within an hour during her 60 percent off Cyber Monday sale shows just how much love she truly gets from her followers!

We are so proud to see a Black woman winning! Keep shining, sis!

If you think there is no space in the beauty and makeup industry for you, you will definitely have second thoughts after reading this.

With the evolution of social media, the beauty and makeup scene has become one of the most lucrative and fast-growing business ventures in 2018. Despite this tremendous growth, there has been a lot of discussion about how black entrepreneurs and brand influencers in this sector are being sidelined. But when it comes to striving hard to get to the top, black people do it best and in grand style.

One of these hard workers is Supa Cent (real name Raynell Steward), a New Orleans African American social media sensation who recently launched her makeup line.

She made headlines on Tuesday, November 27, for making one million dollars in 90 minutes on Cyber Monday.

An overwhelmed and very emotional Supa Cent took to her Instagram page to share the exciting news with her 1.3 million followers who flooded her timeline with praises and congratulations as she shared a video of herself crying.

Supa Cent, who became a social media sensation back in 2013 after she went viral on the Vine App for her very funny comments, opinions and comedy clips, used this popularity wisely to become a brand influencer.

Before finding her turn in the spotlight, Supa Cent worked hard as a housekeeper and later as a waitress to make ends meet. The now-successful entrepreneur has not been shy to talk about her hardships and struggles taking every opportunity to leave her followers and fans with motivational words.

Supa Cent, popular for her words ‘ There is no elevator to success, you have to use the stairs,‘ has demonstrated that over the years by venturing into music management and creative directing and by starting her most popular brand, The Crayon Case.

The Crayon Case is a cosmetics line dedicated to amateur makeup users, aspiring make up artists as well as all makeup lovers to have fun with makeup, treating their face as a blank canvas and the crayon makeup as their tool. It has been described as one of the most innovative forms of make up that present a breath of fresh air to the industry and yes, that had to be done through the Black Girl magic.